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In het Bamboehuis is er tijd voor workshops op vrijdagavond en/of in het weekend. Workshops zijn er in vele soorten en maten.

  • Het kunnen korte retraites zijn die we zelf organiseren, zodat je een keer langer dan 1 of 2 uur achter elkaar met yoga en meditatie bezig kunt zijn.
  • Het kan ook zijn dat we iemand uitnodigen om dieper op een onderwerp in te gaan of om een speciale yogales te geven.
  • Workshops die in eerste instantie niet gerelateerd zijn aan yoga en meditatie, maar wel bijdragen aan zelfontwikkeling en bewustwording, behoren ook tot de mogelijkheden.
  • Ook zullen we af en toe een introductie workshop geven zodat je kennis kunt maken met yoga en meditatie in het Bamboehuis.

Eerstvolgende workshops

Datum Tijd Naam Aantal deelnemers Vrije plekken? Prijs Opmerking
zaterdag 9 nov 2019 13:00 tot 16:00 uur Playing The Voice Max 20 ja 45 De workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven door Stefano Sgarbi. Lees meer

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Heb je een idee voor een workshop of kun jij zelf een workshop geven? Laat het ons weten!

Playing The Voice

Explore the meditative and therapeutic use of your voice.

Voice has been traditionally used for centuries as a tool for exploring reality and the mind, in spiritual ceremonies, private practices and in artistic contexts. In fact, we are all accustomed to human voice mainly for its communicational role and we often don’t consider its potential effect, beyond any meaning, on our consciousness and existence. Through the means of repetition (mantras) and special vocal techniques, such as overtone singing and Tibetan chants, trancelike, meditative and deep listening states can be achieved purely with a mindful use of the Voice.

During the workshop, collective activities are going to immerse the participants in a deep exploration of the potential, towards liberation, of the most accessible, portable and primal instrument we have been gifted with: our Voice.

Providing for the participants a safe and relaxed environment where the voice can be liberated and explored through insights about alternative singing and breathing techniques, mantras and creative uses of the voices through a series of practical activities and theoretical discussions.


  • Mindfulness
  • body/soul balance
  • improvement of vocal performance(speaking/singing)
  • learning how to sing/speak from the Heart
  • chakracleaning
  • relaxation
  • clarity of mind/vision
  • connection with the higher Self
  • experiencing collective and individual unity in harmony

A series of group activities, including body, mind and vocal Works, will gently immerse the participants in a deep exploration of the potential of the voice and its effects. Theoretical insights will aid in the consolidation of the participants' own vocal exploration. Ideas and observations will be addressed further in between activities.

dag: Zaterdag 9 november
tijd: 13:00-16:00
prijs: 45

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About Stefano Sgarbi
A musician, sound designer and workshop leader. His interests, starting from a general attraction to art and particularly music, grew specifically towards electronic music and sound therapy. He studied electroacoustic composition at the Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague) in a rather prolific and inspiring artistic environment. His artistic practice is now oriented towards festival/club and healing/spiritual contexts. As a sound therapist and workshop leader he has been developing Playing The Voice: a therapeutic and meditative method for a guided and mindful use of the voice and the body. This interest is rooted in a personal journey of discoveries and studies of spiritual practises, particularly alternative singing techniques (e.g. overtone/throat singing), didjeridoo, yoga and tai-chi. This ongoing research, besides being his personal daily practice, has been presented in lectures and workshops in festivals.

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